The Green Zones app helps you to keep track of things. With over 200 low emission zones in Europe you have everything at a glance. Where are there driving bans? Am I affected? When can I drive in and when not? What kind of fines do I face? Is my hotel in a low emission zone? Where can I still drive in with my old vehicle? How is the air quality in my city? You can see all this and much more in the Green Zones app, personalized for your vehicle.

    • over 200 environmental zones in Europe
    • Forecasts, warnings and future driving bans
    • Address search and GPS tracking
    • Air quality (CO2, PM10, NOx, O3) for each zone
    • High resolution and zoomable maps
    • Exceptions, fines, rules
    • Environmental stickers and registrations
    • and much more

    Green-Zones Fleet-App

    Diesel bans and low emission zones are a new risk for fleets

    The demands on European logistics and commercial transport as well as tourist bus transport are becoming ever greater. When, where and how have what kind of low emission zones and no diesel driving zones been established in Europe in which cities and what rules have to be observed when entering them?
    Even if the driver is aware of all the rules and has the appropriate environmental sticker, he cannot be sure that he is allowed to enter the low emission zone. In more and more countries, weather-related tightening of entry and passage rules are making it almost impossible to plan a safe route, as more and more motorways in Europe are also affected.
    As a consequence, certain types of low emission zones mean an almost incalculable risk of whether and when the destinations of a journey can be reached.