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News on environmental zones and air pollution

Hope for owners of diesel vehicles?

It could be a precedent: a specialized law firm in Berlin wins a test case regarding diesel driving bans. Diesel drivers whose vehicles are equipped with an illegal switch-off device have a realistic chance of asserting claims for damages against dealers and car manufacturers.
"We offer car owners a free and non-binding initial assessment with regard to their legal options," explains attorney Dr. Christof Lehnen of the law firm Dr. Lehnen & Sinnig, which specializes in the exhaust gas scandal. "Our attorneys fight country widely for the legal interests of thousands car owners. We have already conducted numerous successful lawsuits before the Berlin Regional Court, including against Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz. We clarify the assumption of the resulting costs with the traffic law protection insurance and represent afterwards country widely the interests of our mandators opposite the automakers and the banks offering car loans.“, says the attorney to Berliner Morgenpost.