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News on environmental zones and air pollution

New law dictates rules on diesel driving bans

When are diesel driving bans appropriate? Who can be affected by diesel driving bans? In future, the government will no longer leave the answers to these questions to the judges and local authorities, but will instead determine them from above. Yesterday, the new law passed through the Bundestag, which stipulates that driving bans for older petrol engines and diesel vehicles may only be introduced at 50 µg/m³ or more. It also specifies which vehicle types should not be affected by the driving bans: many vehicles that are important for urban management - ok - but also EURO 6 diesel vehicles should be exempted from driving bans. So, diesel gate and wrong measured values never existed? And how was that again with the separation of powers? What right of decision do those judges still have who have already declared several driving bans to be necessary?