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News on environmental zones and air pollution

Stuttgart measuring stations

In Stuttgart there are still many discussions about the measuring points and measured values of air pollution. The permanent demonstrating citizens also continue to exert pressure on the government. For this reason, it was recently decided to significantly expand the network of measuring stations. Instead of the 14 existing measuring points, there will soon be 52 measuring stations. In addition, the Green Party and CDU now want to check whether the Neckartor is being measured correctly. Here the values of air pollution are particularly high, so high that the government would rather not believe in their correctness. "True to the motto 'What doesn't fit, is made to fit', the state government apparently picks out air values that are unproblematic. We have to ask ourselves whether the state government, like the automotive industry, is now tricking when it comes to measuring," says SPD faction leader Martin Körner to the Stuttgarter Zeitung.