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Validity of the badge and affixing on the vehicle

Picture 1
Picture 1

The affixing of the badge on the vehicle
Generally, the buyer of the badge fixes it himself on his vehicle.
The badge must be stuck from the inside on the windscreen, below, on the right side.

An affixing on the passenger side is also possible (see the picture 1).
The most important thing is that the badge must be visible (see picture 2). Thereby is an affixing on the top of the windscreen forbidden, since the green tinted part can reduce drastically the visibility of the badge.

Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Affixing of the badge from the inner side of the windscreen
The German environmental badge must be prepared to be fixed as follows:

The film covering the colored side of the badge, which is divided in two transparent crescent-shaped pieces, must be pulled carefully upward and downward. Please see the pictures 3 and 4.

The badge, which is now sticky on its colored side, must be handled carefully and taken only from the edge (picture 5). The badge must be then stuck from the inside, on the right side below of the windscreen, clean and dry. Please press it on.
It is recommended to be helped from another person watching from the outside if the badge is properly fixed and on a straight position (picture 7). The detaching and renewed affixing of the badge is not possible, since the security surface will be damaged. A damaged badge can still be stuck again, but will not be valid anymore.
Finally, the back side on the badge mentioning the affixing instructions can also be taken away if needed.

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Good visibility of the badge
In sum: the affixing on the windscreen must be done in such a way that the environmental badge is good visible from the outside (which means not on the green tinted part above) and that it does not bother the driver’s visibility.

Thereby, it is recommended to stick it from the inside on the right side below on the windscreen, respectively on the left side below from an outside view.

Picture 6