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Necessary ordering data, payment, delivery and express-option for the environmental badge

Necessary data for the ordering
For the ordering of an environmental badge (badge for fine particles), the following data will be needed:
Name, surname, street, house number, postal code, town and country. Moreover, the registration certificate will be needed, as well as documentation proving the EURO norm or the vehicle and an eventual retrofitting with a particles filter.
In the ordering process will then the e-mail necessary, as well as the registration number of the vehicle, its first date of registration, the type of fuel and the category of the vehicle (car, bus, small truck or truck). In case of an order in the name of a company, the name of the company and its VAT-ID-Number must also be communicated. 
The registration certificate can be directly uploaded online with the order on our online-shop or can be sent per e-mail or fax later to Green-Zones (see the addresses under “contact”). If no registration certificate has been attached to the order, then you will receive an e-mail within 24 hours to remind you. You will then be able to send us the needed document per Scan and/or choose under three payment types.

Vehicles which cannot receive any environmental badge
By giving the information regarding the first date of registration of your vehicle and the type (category) of your vehicle, please note that old diesel vehicles responding to the EURO norms 1, 2 and 3 can generally not obtain any green environmental badge. In the case of a retrofitting of the vehicles with a particles filter that enables it to respond the characteristics of the EURO norm 4, then can the vehicle obtain a green environmental badge.

In the case of the vehicle obtained a red of a yellow environmental badge, with which they are not allowed to drive into the environmental zones, there will be no refund of the order price possible. You can see on our table about the EURO norms which type of badge can obtain your vehicle. 

Payment and delivery of the environmental badge
The payment of an environmental badge can be processed by credit card, bank transfer or, for clients with an address of residence in Germany, by invoice. By a payment through bank transfer, the delivery time lasts a little longer.
You will receive the invoice with the badge by post.

The delivery time for an environmental badge lasts generally from 3 to 7 days per post. In case of an express-process around 2 to 5 days earlier.

Order here a German Environmental Badge for green environmental zones in Germany