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Frequent asked questions about the German environmental badge and the environmental zones in Germany

Hereinafter, you’ll find the frequent asked questions about the environmental zones in Germany and about the ordering process of the German environmental badge.

How much costs an environmental badge?
The price for an environmental badge is 9,90 Euros inclusive package and shipment. The price can be variable for vehicles not registered in Germany. 

What is the Green-Zones-App?
The Green-Zones-App, available on smartphone and tablets for Android and iOS and on all the websites of Green-Zones, gives the user all the current traffic permissions status of all the environmental zones and diesel-restrictions-zones in Europe. The reason for it is the fact that despite the presence of a vignette/badge on the car in a temporary zone, depending on the weather, this vignette/badge can lose its validity. Therefore can high financial penalties, traffic bans be avoid or bypassing from environmental zones be planed thanks to the GIS-maps with zoom function.

How long lasts the process and the delivery time?
The general delivery time of the German environmental badge lasts normally 3 to 7 workdays. On request, an express delivery can also be applied, which guaranties a delivery for the next workday to an address in Germany (including hotels). For a delivery abroad is an express option for the process of the demand possible, which enables a delivery within 2 to 3 days.

I left my order online, without having uploaded my registration certificate. Where should I send it to?
Please send a copy of your registration certificate with the mention of your order number per e-mail to or per fax to the following number: +49 (0) 30-398 87 21 29, or per post to the following address: EES European Eco Service GmbH, Helmholtzstrasse 2-9, 10587 Berlin.

Are there general exceptions for the obligation of bearing a badge?
Yes, there are general exceptions for all the environmental zones in Germany. You will find those here.

Where can I apply for an exceptional authorization for a specific environmental zone?
An exceptional authorization for the circulation in an environmental zone can be applied by the administration of the city you are planning to drive to. For this, please check the information web page of the city.

Do I risk to be charged if I drive without any environmental badge?
If your drive without any environmental badge in an environmental zone, or in a diesel-restrictions-zone without authorization, you will be charged with a financial penalty of 80 Euros, plus 25 Euros of administration costs. An onward journey can also be prohibited.

Where must I stick my environmental badge and how long is it valid?
The environmental badge must be stuck on the windscreen, from the inside, on the right side below. As long as the motor, the emissions norm or the registration plate of the vehicle remain unchanged, the environmental badge remains valid for the lifetime of the vehicle.

Must I apply for an environmental badge form y motorcycle or for my quad?
Currently, only the vehicles of the categories N1, N2 and N3 (trucks) and private cars, busses and caravans (M1, M2 and M3) have the obligation of bearing an environmental badge. Light vehicles, quad and three-wheelers are exempted from this obligation.

Do I have advantages, as accompany with a big fleet, if I order by Green-Zones?
As a company, you can order by us up to 50 badges and vignettes from different countries with an Excel list or per Mail, and send registration documents with a size up to 15 MB. Furthermore, you can receive collective invoices and personally get in touch with our team per telephone in up to 10 languages to ask about the status of your order or to order urgently.

How can I receive a green environmental badge instead of a red or a yellow one?
You can get informed about it by your car dealer or by your garage. Generally, each vehicle responding to the norm Euro 1, 2 or 3 can be retrofitted with a particles filter.
Thereby, the vehicle will be considered as a EURO 4 and therefore be able to get a green environmental badge. The certificate proving the retrofitting can be send together with the registration certificate of the vehicle by ordering an environmental badge.

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