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Traffic bans - Vehicles without environmental badge

In Germany, environmental badges are mandatory to all private vehicles, buses and trucks willing to drive into an environmental zone.

Light vehicles such as motorbikes, motorcycles and tricycles are not concerned by this obligation and may drive into environmental zones without environmental badges.

The following vehicles can’t get environmental badges and, as a result, are not permitted to drive in the German environmental zones:

  • private vehicles, light commercial vehicles Diesel) EURO-0, EURO-1 < 3,5 first registered before 01.01.1997
  • trucks, buses, commercial vehicles (Diesel) EURO-0, EURO-1 > 3,5 T N2, N3, M2, M3 first registered before 01.01.1996
  • private vehicles, light commercial vehicles (gasoline) < 3,5 T M1, N1 without regulated catalytic convertor (G-KAT), and of which first registration’s date was earlier than 01.01.1993.

Each city or municipality in Germany determines the badge colors that are allowed to drive into its environmental zones.

Since January the 1st, 2017, only an environmental badge of the 4th class allows to drive into environmental zones.

The driving (and parking) interdiction is besides valid from Monday to Sunday, 0-24 hours, so to say: every time.

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