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Information about the German environmental badge for fine particles

The environmental badge for fine particles has been introduced in Germany on the 01.03.2007. The obligation of bearing the environmental badge in order to drive in the environmental zones has been introduced for all cars, busses and trucks, independently of the fuel type they use or their permissible total weight.
Light two-wheelers, three-wheelers and four-wheelers are exempted of the obligation of bearing the environmental badge.

The introduction of the environmental badge bases on the ordinance on the identification of less pollutant vehicles from the 10.10.2006, published on the Official Journal of the Federal Republic of Germany on the 16.10.2006 and entered into force on the 01.03.2007.

The environmental badge for fine particles (also named badge for fine particle in the law) is in three colors declined depending on their EURO norm and must be applied for all the vehicles willing to drive in an environmental zone. The colors, corresponding to the EURO emissions norms, are red for the category 2, yellow for the category 3 and green for the category 4. The registration number of the vehicle is mentioned on the badge, as well as a stamp mentioning the office of deliverance, also referring to a number containing the emissions rates of the vehicle.

The environmental badge is assigned to one and only registration number and to a specific emissions category. The badge is valid indefinitely and must be renewed in case of a new registration of the vehicle of in case of a break of the windshield. In Germany, a key number specify which vehicle obtains which badge depending on which emission norm. For vehicles registered abroad, this will be specified depending on the first date of registration and on the EURO norm of the vehicle. Diesel vehicles becoming a yellow badge because of their correspondence with the EURO norm 3 can receive a green environmental badge 4 if they can prove they have been refitted with a particles filter.

Due to a modification of the ordinance on fine particles entered into force on the 03.12.2007, petrol vehicles refitted with an old catalysator (G-KAT), responding to the norm EURO 1 and diesel vehicles responding to the norms EURO  1, 2 and 3 can obtain a green environmental badge if they prove that they have been refitted with a particles filter, making them respond to the characteristics of the norm EURO 4.

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