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The above overview shows the current status of access rights in the zone. Click on the calendar symbol and choose the date of entry into effect of the zone to find out about the status.

The environmental zone of Stuttgart (blue)

In its third update of the Clean Air Plan of August 2018, the city of Stuttgart approved a traffic ban for diesel vehicles throughout the city. In this way, a blue environmental zone is added to the green environmental zone already in force. From 01.01.2019, all diesel vehicles not complying with the EURO 5 standard will be excluded. In addition, further restrictions will be imposed from 2020 onwards. Initially, delivery vans, craftman vans and construction vehicles registered before 01.01.2019 are exempt from the traffic ban. Residents are allowed to drive in until 31.03.2019.

Following the Federal Administrative Court’s decision on 27.02.2018, diesel driving restrictions can be legally imposed by German cities and municipalities.
Individual streets or whole areas can become diesel restriction zones. These diesel restriction zones (blue zones) can affect different EURO standards and vehicle types and can even be time-limited.

Table overview of the environmental zone

Name of the environmental zone:
Environmental Zone Stuttgart (blue) - Germany
Date of entry into effect of the zone:
Type of environmental zone:
Current obligation to drive with a badge:
Car (M1), Motor home (M1), Heavy motor home (M1), Minibus (M2), Coach (M3), Van (N1), Delivery truck (N2), Light truck (N2) and Heavy truck (N3)
Badge classes allowed after 01-01-2019:
Class 5 and Class 6  (cleanest class = 6).
Future restrictions planned for badge classes:
From 01.01.2020. Diesel vehicles with EURO 5 standard. From 01.01.2022: class 6.
80 euros.
Area/extension of the environmental zone:
The environmental zone encompasses the whole urban area of Stuttgart.
The introduction of the Blue Badge (light blue/dark blue) it not yet legally passed. Therefore, the colours and emission classes of the Blue Badge have not yet been decided. The presentation of the blue environmental zones and their borders, as well as their introduction dates, show the current status and knowledge.