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Find your current status of access rights in the Green-Zones App: entry allowed (green), driving ban (red) or early warning (orange).
Find the current status of access rights to your desired environmental zone in the Green-Zones App: entry allowed (green), driving ban (red) or early warning for a driving ban (orange).

Environmental zone of Eschweiler

The city of Eschweiler decided to introduce an environmental zone in November 20015, which entered into force on the 01.06.2016.
This permanent environmental zone contains the part of the city or of the region delimited on the map. To visualize all the details of the limits for the environmental zone of Eschweiler and the possibilities to drive around it, please click on the interactive map.
The traffic restrictions related to the environmental zone apply since the introduction of the zone and allow vehicles equipped with the green environmental badge (EURO 4) to drive in the zone. An interdiction of circulation for trucks inside the street Indestraße from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. is independent from the environmental badge, only trucks that can prove the delivery of goods are allowed to enter the area.

Table overview of the environmental zone

Name of the environmental zone:
Environmental Zone Eschweiler – Germany
Date of entry into effect of the zone:
Type of environmental zone:
80 €
Area/extension of the environmental zone:
The environmental zone Eschweiler is delimited by the following streets: In the north, by the highway A4, in the west, by Dreieckstraße until the crossing with Aachener Straße, in the east by the Aachener Straße and Steinstraße. In the south, the border follows the train line of Talbahn, Talstraße, Hompestraße, Kaiserstraße and Bergrather Straße.
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