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National exception rules

General exception rules about the obligation of bearing an environmental badge in the German environmental zones are defined in the article 35 of the German federal law for air protection.
According to this text, the following vehicles are exempted from the obligation of bearing a badge:

1) Machines and mobile equipment,

2) Work machines,

3) Agricultural and forestry tractors,

4) Two-wheelers and three-wheelers,

5) Ambulances, medical vehicles referring to the mention “medical emergency intervention”,

6) Vehicles driven by or transporting particularly disabled, helpless or blind persons. These vehicles are distinguished by a special parking referring to the prescriptions of the §1, n°1-3 of the German federal directive about the signalization of vehicles for persons with disabilities, containing the mentions “Ag”, “H”, or “BI”, 

7) Vehicles concerned by the prescriptions written in the paragraph § 35 of the German traffic regulations code,

8) Vehicles of non-German military forces or of military forces from non-signatory States of the North Atlantic Treaty, stationing in Germany as part of a cooperation mission, if they are used for moves concerning urgent military matters,

9) Civil vehicles driven by the German Bundeswehr for moves urgent and indispensable moves regarding the accomplishment of territorial missions of the Bundeswehr,

10) Antique cars distinguished with the mention “H” on the registration plate, in accordance with the prescriptions of the paragraph §9-1 and §17 of the German directive on the vehicles registration or Vehicles from en other EU member state or from an member state of the European Economic Area or from Turkey responding to the above-mentioned requirements.

Quad bikes are vehicles from the category L and are thus exempted from the obligation of bearing an environmental badge.

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