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The EU Regulation 2008/50/EG on Air Quality

The EU regulation 2008/50/EG on air quality and clean air in Europe, which came into force on the 11th June 2008, is a part of the general plan of the EU Commission to reduce air pollution in Europe. According to this plan, a set of goals and limits for the limitation of air pollutants must be reached. The main goal is to reduce the unacceptable consequences for the environment and for human health in Austria.
For this reason, the requirements of the EU regulation (2008/50/EG) have been incorporated in the Austrian IG-L emissions protection law for the air, which have been then adjusted.
The requirements of the EU settles a limit of 40 µg/m³ for pollution by nitrogen dioxide (NO2) on the most busy roads and city centres. The delays of observance to the nitrogen dioxide limits have been protracted by Austria until 01.01.2015. That is why the corresponding limits must be respected from this date. Otherwise, an infringement proceeding against EU member states including Austria would have been launched.