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The capital of Bavaria introduced an environmental zone within the Mittlerer Ring on 01.10.2008, it is one of a total of approx. 80 environmental zones in Germany. Gradually, the red and yellow environmental stickers were excluded from entry, so that only the green sticker is valid. The sticker requirement applies to all vehicle categories except motorbikes and agricultural machinery. Entry without a green environmental sticker will be penalised with 80 euros plus a processing fee.


Germany's capital was one of the first cities to introduce an environmental zone on 01.01.2008. In the meantime, driving within the S-Bahn ring is only permitted with a green environmental sticker. In addition, a NOx zone, also known as a diesel driving ban zone, was added in November 2019. On 8 roads, with a total length of 2.9 km, all diesel vehicles of the Euronorm 0-5 are prohibited. No special sticker is required for the diesel zone; checks are carried out manually. In the event of a violation, a fine of up to 75 euros is due.


The city of Baden-Württemberg introduced an environmental zone within the entire city area on 1 March 2008. The rules of the green environmental zone were initially tightened on 01.01.2019 for diesel vehicles with Euronorm 4. Since July 2020, the driving bans have been extended again for diesel vehicles. Since this date, there has been a ban on diesel Euro 0-5 on four routes in Stuttgart city centre. As there is currently no "blue sticker", the specified Euro standard must be complied with and the green environmental sticker must be present.


On 15.02.2009, the city of Düsseldorf enacted a green environmental zone. In April 2019, the zone was supplemented with eco-lanes on Merowingerstraße and Prinz-Georg-Straße. Later, a third eco-lane was added. Since 01.03.2021, the separate lanes, which were only allowed to be used by e-cars, have been reopened to everyone. Thus, the zone is again limited to driving bans only for diesel with Euro 0-3 and petrol with Euro 0. If the green environmental sticker is not present, it costs over 80 euros in fines.

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The environmental sticker was introduced on 01.03.2007 and has been mandatory in the German low emission zones for all cars, trucks and buses since 01.01.2008. The sticker was divided into 3 different colours, red, yellow and green, depending on the EURO class. Gradually, the rules of the now more than 80 zones have become stricter, so that in almost all German cities only the entry with the green environmental sticker is allowed. If a sticker is missing, a fine of 80 € is levied. Since 2018, additional diesel driving ban zones have been added, which exclude older diesels from certain routes and areas. Here the green environmental sticker is no longer sufficient. 

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On 25.09.2015, the German law for the promotion of electric mobility was passed to equip electric and hybrid vehicles with additional advantages. As a result, domestic e-vehicles (cars registered in Germany) can be given their own special e-license plate. Foreign vehicles (all cars not registered in Germany) can acquire an E-Sticker so that they too can enjoy the benefits and privileges, such as driving in environmental and bus lanes and free parking in Germany.

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