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Below you will find notes on inserting the HTML code directly into an HTML template, in common CM systems and notes on known problems.


Simply insert the banner HTML code into your HTML code.

    <title> Titel </title>
    copied HTML code


Go to "add content" at "https://[your domain]/node/add" and create a "page" or your preferred content type. Insert the content into the "Body"-field. Please note that you have the possibility to insert "Full HTML", otherwise the HTML code will be filtered. You can find this setting in the configuration under text formats "https://[your domain]/admin/config/content/formats".


Under Modules, create your own HTML content and insert the copied HTML code there. You can then include this content on the pages as usual.


Select "HTML element" as content element (not "Text", "Text with image", "Table" or "Enumeration"). You can then paste the copied code there.


If you are rewriting or modifying an article / post / page, simply switch between the "Visual" and "HTML" tabs. With HTML, you can simply paste the copied code. And then look at it "visually" in the tab.

iframe height adjustments

If you want to change the height of the info boxes, simply correct the height value (height) in the HTML code until you are satisfied with the result.

Border around the banner

If you want a border around the info box, simply add the following section to the HTML code part "style":

 border: solid 1px #999999;


The HTML code has been tested in Internet Explorer 9 and 10, Firefox, Safari (Mac and PC), Chrome, Opera and various Linux browsers.