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umwelt-plakette.de Aktuelles 2019-09-14

News on environmental zones and air pollution

The Kiel Experiment

The state capital of Schleswig-Holstein has been struggling with excessively high levels of pollutants for years. Since the beginning of this year, the port city has been testing air filter containers to cope with the alarming situation. Now the first empirical evaluations are available, which will make you sit up and take notice. Thus, the test run of the "Kiel vacuum cleaners" can be regarded as a success, as the Ministry of the Environment of Schleswig Holstein confirmed to the newspaper Hamburg MOPO. "The results of the short test run were evaluated by the Ministry of the Environment of Schleswig-Holstein - with the result that this technology was included in the draft of the air pollution control plan", a spokesperson of the City of Kiel judged.