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umwelt-plakette.de Aktuelles 2018-01-30

News on environmental zones and air pollution

Criticism of the Free State of Bavaria

Yesterday, the suit of the association German Environmental Aid DUH against the Free State of Bavaria was heard in Munich. Bavaria does not present a proper clean air plan for the polluted city of Munich and even prohibits the state capital from considering new traffic regulations. For these reasons, the DUH sued for 25,000 euros in fines as well as coercive detention for the Minister of the Environment. Since the beginning of the trial, the judge announced that there would be no coercive detention, but sharp criticism of the actions of the Free State was voiced, and the demand for a penalty payment was yielded. Jürgen Resch, head of DUH on the subject: “Once can ask himself if our rule of law still works when the state pays the periodic penalty payments, but does not take the necessary measures. We are moving towards a banana republic in Bavaria”.